OLD TOM GIN- It’s the cat’s meow!

Howdy, folks!

Are you a Gin person? Always wanted to be a drinker of Gin, but have been reluctant to try? Gracie’s is now offering an Old Tom Gin, made by the Ransom distillery. It is priced at $6/$9 (1oz/1.5oz).

What is Old Tom Gin? It is an older recipe for gin before the London dry gin became more popular. Referred to commonly as “the missing link” between London dry gin and the Dutch Genever. Old Tom Gin has a fuller body than the dry gin, and less intense than Genever.

Cool bar factoid: the name apparently came from places with a black cat (old Tom) painted outside of houses, or a sign in a window, which served as a symbol for a location where you could buy bootleg gin!

Here’s the fancier description:RansomGin

Ransom’s Old Tom Gin is the marriage of a base wort of malted barley and a high-proof corn spirit infused with a fairly simple potpourri of botanicals (juniper, coriander, orange, lemon, angelica root, and cardamom). The final distillation is run through an alembic pot still and then aged in wine barrels. The wood lends the gin its color and gives the gin a drier, more tannic bite.

Awesome for almost any gin drink, but especially simpler, prohibition-style gin drinks. Ask your favorite Gracie’s bartender to make you a fancy Old Tom Martini, or start slow on your newfound path to being the Gin lover you always wanted to be with an Old Tom Collins!  It’s the cat’s meow!

Check out more from this amazing distillery in Oregon here. What is your drink of choice for spring? What new spirits would you like to see at Gracie’s? We love hearing from you!